• Appeals
    You win some; you lose some...

    Difficult and novel legal issues don’t scare us; we love the challenge. Call us to consult, advise, or assist on appeals.

  • Class Actions
    Once we get involved in a case, we're all in.

    Class action litigation is complex and high stakes. We aren’t afraid to take a case to trial whether we represent the plaintiff or the defendant in a class action.  In fact, we welcome the challenge.

  • Commercial Fraud
    Make sure the situation doesn't go from bad to worse

    Few situations are more unsettling for lenders than the discovery that their borrowers’ cupboards—supposedly full with inventory purchased with lenders’ funds—are bare. We can help.

  • Corporate / Commercial
    You run a business. Let us help you keep it running smoothly.

    Very few days go by in business which don’t involve a contract, negotiation, regulation, or investment. The lawyers at Spark LLP have worked for and with businesses both large and small. Let us help you keep your business running smoothly.

  • Employment
    The employer-employee relationship can be a bit testy at the end.

    At the root of every business lies the efforts of its employees. But like any relationship, the one between employer and employee can get a bit rocky at times. We help both employers and employees to get through the tough times and we advise both on best practices to avoid them.

  • Franchising & Distribution
    Franchise? I thought he said french fries...

    The franchisor–franchisee relationship has its own unique challenges. Whether it’s regulatory disclosure requirements, acquiring or selling a franchise or franchisor–franchisee dispute management, we can help you.

  • Insolvency & Restructuring
    Sometimes the end is just the beginning

    We act for debtors, creditors, and insolvency professionals in all manner of restructurings, both formal and informal.

  • Litigation
    Sometimes the best way to win a fight is to avoid it altogether.

    Litigation is risky, even when you’re the one to start it. Talk to us early, and we can provide you with the advice that can improve your odds of winning, control your costs, and manage risks.

  • Privacy
    I've got this feeling that somebody's watching me...

    The collection, use, and protection of personal information is becoming more integral to every business. But it can be a minefield. Call us for advice.

  • Procurement
    Buying and selling isn't always easy

    Buying and selling widgets should be simple. But you know it’s not. Let us help you navigate the process and you can focus on your buying and selling.

  • Technology & Telecom
    Technology makes the world go around.

    Who reads End User License Agreements? We do, that’s who. Not only that, we know what they mean (as much as anyone does). We can help you navigate the sometimes-bewildering area of technology and telecommunications laws.

  • Workplace Investigations
    And you thought privacy law was a minefield...

    Discrimination and harassment complaints arise despite all your best efforts. Act quickly to hire Spark LLP to independently and impartially investigate these complaints.