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Announcing SparkTime™

TORONTO, April 20, 2016 – Spark LLP is pleased to introduce SparkTime™, a billing practice that ensures clients get the benefit of the combined legal experience of the lawyers at Spark LLP without paying for more than one hourly rate.

“Despite our wide variety of billing models, some of our clients are still most comfortable with the billable hour,” says Jeff Rosekat, “But Spark LLP billable hours are a bit different. We want our clients to know that they can call us with a quick question or fire off a quick e-mail to us without worrying about getting an unexpected bill. Free and open communication with our clients is critical for us, so we simply don’t bill those little tenths of an hour for routine e-mails and voicemails. The introduction of SparkTime™ is an extension of this philosophy.”

“SparkTime™ is a billing concept aimed at ensuring that clients of Spark LLP will never be charged more than once concurrent hourly rate when benefitting from the legal experience and brainpower of more than one Spark LLP lawyer at a time,” explains Jacqueline Horvat, “Brainstorming, office conferences, briefing sessions, and even client meetings which involve more than one lawyer at Spark LLP are important to the delivery of the best legal advice possible. But at Spark LLP, those ‘nexus moments’ are billed at a single rate. That is SparkTime.™”

“Many larger companies already refuse to pay for the famous ‘office conferences’ amongst multiple lawyers,” explains Sanjay Kutty, Spark LLP’s newest partner, “During my 15 years or so as in-house counsel, I struggled to understand the value that I was getting for paying two, three, or even four billable rates at once. Ensuring that our clients understand the value that Spark LLP delivers is of paramount importance to us. SparkTime™ is one more way that we work to provide that understanding and clarity.”


Spark LLP is a new and innovative law firm based in downtown Toronto. The partners of Spark LLP, Jacqueline Horvat, Sanjay Kutty, and Jeff Rosekat, have banded together to find new and better ways to deliver high quality legal advice while also ensuring cost certainty and an understanding among clients of the value that Spark LLP delivers. The timing of the announcement of SparkTime™ for April 20 is purely coincidental.

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