swear by your lawyers.

not at them.

A young boy is ready to go places, real quick, with the help of a human cannon. Boom.

Announcing the Official Launch of Spark LLP

TORONTO, March 1, 2016 – We are pleased to announce the formation of Spark LLP, a new law firm which encourages clients to “Swear by your lawyers. Not at them.”

Spark LLP intends to drive innovation in the legal service provider market. The new firm will provide small and medium businesses with the legal advice they require while providing the flexibility in billing arrangements allowing clients the cost certainty and predictability they cannot get from traditional law firms.

“We saw a need in the small and medium business market that traditional firms were not adequately addressing,” says co-founder Jeff Rosekat. “In today’s economic climate, clients are looking to understand the value they get for the fees they pay. At Spark, our billing structure focuses on alternative fee structures such as fixed fee engagements and our Spark on Demand monthly subscription plans as opposed to the billable hour.”

“Many small and medium businesses don’t have the purchasing power to secure effective alternative fee structure arrangements from other firms,” says co-founder Jacqueline Horvat. “Nor do many of them have the ability to hire in-house counsel to provide them with on-demand legal service for their day-to-day operations. That’s where Spark LLP comes in. Our Spark on Demand product, for example, gives our clients access to that on-demand legal advice for a fixed monthly fee.”

Spark’s founders both came from the big firm environment and have a great depth of experience to serve Spark’s clientele. Big firm experience without big firm legal bill sticker shock. And they do it with an element of fun and irreverent humour.


Spark LLP is a new and innovative law firm based in downtown Toronto. The partners of Spark LLP, Jacqueline Horvat and Jeff Rosekat, are refugees from large law firms, and really don’t want to go back.

For further information: For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact: info@spark.law or (416) 639-2150.

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