A contingency fee is an arrangement whereby our fee is a percentage of the monetary award that you recover at the conclusion of your case. For example, if we agree on a 25% contingency fee and you recover $1million, then our fee will be $250,000. If you recover nothing, then our fee is nothing.

If we agree on a contingency fee arrangement, you will not be responsible for Spark LLP’s legal fees until the successful conclusion of your case. But in certain cases, we may ask you to pay the fees of the experts retained in your case and the ongoing disbursements (for example, court filing fees, courier charges, process server fees, court reporters, etc.).

There are some cases where a contingency fee arrangement will be appropriate. The most common are class actions and personal injury cases. We are also open to entering into a contingency fee arrangement in commercial litigation cases, and other litigation cases, under the right circumstances. Both you and Spark LLP should be satisfied that a contingency fee arrangement is the most appropriate arrangement.

As with all of our fee arrangements, we will work with you to find the most appropriate one for you and the one that you are most comfortable with.