Even though we believe that the billable hour is generally not the best way for you to pay for legal services, we aren’t so headstrong as to not accept that there are certain cases where an hourly rate arrangement is the only way to go. Especially if that is what you prefer.

When we charge you on an hourly rate basis, you can be certain that we will be transparent and detailed about the time and service that you are paying for. For example, you will not be charged an automatic 0.2 of an hour simply for sending one of us an email. You will only be charged for our time if we actually read your email, contemplate it and respond to it.

We will only charge you for our time when it is fair and reasonable to do so, and we actually spend the time we say we spend providing you with legal services.

We will work with you at all stages of your case to ensure cost certainty, transparency, and predictability.