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Insolvency & Restructuring

For some, insolvency is a four-letter word. However, the truth is that insolvency can be an opportunity. Restructuring proceedings can be used to rehabilitate a business, to deal fairly with legacy costs and credit arrangements, or to wipe the slate clean and start over again.

For creditors, the orderliness of an insolvency proceeding is often easier to deal with than the chaos of litigation and other collections efforts. And for those with sharp eyes, insolvency restructurings can present investment opportunities as certain elements of a business or discrete assets can often be acquired at deeply discounted pricing.

We also regularly represent insolvency professionals as independent counsel, providing security opinions, representation in court proceedings and transactions, and providing general advice to help those professionals work through the more contentious matters.

We have many years of experience advising debtors, creditors (institutional, shareholder, and trade creditors among others), and insolvency professionals in all different types of insolvency restructurings both formal and informal. We would be pleased to put that experience to work on your behalf.

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