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Litigation is one of the riskiest and most unpleasant situations which a business may face. Even the strongest case has a significant risk factor simply because of the unpredictability of the court process or arbitration and the associated costs.

The lawyers at Spark LLP have real and significant experience litigating complex commercial disputes, insolvency and restructuring matters, commercial fraud cases, all manner of contractual disputes, professional negligence matters, collections, employment cases, domestic and international arbitrations, and almost any other kind of case you can think of.

If your company is facing litigation—as plaintiff or defendant—we are here to guide you through the complicated terrain and advise you how to improve your odds, control your costs, and manage the risks involved.

Mr. Miyagi would tell you, though, that sometimes the best way to win a fight is to avoid it altogether. Talk to us before the dispute reaches the point of litigation, and we might be able to save you the trouble and the expense. Our experience litigating helps us to recognise risk, assess it, and take steps either to avoid the litigation altogether or get you into a better position going in.

Our best advice for dealing with litigation risk? As soon as you think you might need legal advice, you probably do. Call Spark LLP.

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