swear by your lawyers.

not at them.


Our team has spent years advising and assisting both buyers and sellers in navigating their way through this process and in negotiating successful procurement deals. Perhaps you need to issue a Request for Interest or Request for Proposals. Or you want to see if your solution can reasonably be sole-sourced. And then comes the inevitable contract negotiations.

We know it can be tricky. One misstep in the RFP process and you could be opening yourself up to a lawsuit. And if you are a public entity like a crown corporation or you are responding to an RFP issued by a public entity, you’ll understand that following the procurement process to the letter is not just good business practice, it’s mandatory.

Our team has spent years advising both buyers and sellers to navigate their way through this process and to negotiate successful procurement deals. Heck, we can even rhyme off the standard federal government procurement clauses by heart (if that isn’t a claim to law geekery, we don’t know what is)!

Call us for the legal advice you need to get through your successful procurement process as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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