swear by your lawyers.

not at them.

Professional Negligence

We defend all different kinds of professionals. Well, except lawyers: them we sue.

Somewhat atypically, we’re quite serious on both counts. We have broad experience defending all kinds of professionals in negligence actions, and we bring our common sense approach to legal advice to defending these claims as well. We keep in mind that your reputation as a professional is an important consideration as well, and unlike a lot of insurance defence lawyers, we are comfortable taking claims to trial if that’s what it takes.

On the subject of lawyers… well, here we have a different approach. By and large, most lawyers are excellent, conscientious, careful people who do their best to provide excellent advice to clients. Sometimes despite their best efforts, they get it wrong, and when they do and clients suffer damages, we help clients sue for compensation. And for those claims against lawyers who may not be exemplars of the profession, we make sure that legitimate claims are prosecuted fairly and honestly, and that clients receive appropriate compensation for the damages they suffer.

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