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Video Games & Esports

Lots of lawyers and bankers are chasing videogame and esports companies and players. They see their kids playing Fortnite and guess (correctly) that the videogame business is big and growing. And they want to “get in on the action.”

We, on the other hand, are gamers who just happen to be lawyers. We play. We watch. We get it. And we want to help you build your videogame business, at least in part because we want more and better games to play. We want to help you build your player career, so that we have more and more interesting people to watch on Twitch. We want to help your team so that we have someone to cheer for at tournaments.

And we can help. We advise entrepreneurs and companies of all shapes and sizes and help them manage risk while growing their businesses. We would love to talk to you about how we can help you. 


First game: Crash Bandicoot (PS1)

Favourite game(s): Stardew Valley

Currently playing: Hades (over and over and over…)

Discord: Spiderette#5568

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First game: Summer Olympics (C64)

Favourite game: Uncharted 2

Currently playing: Borderlands 3

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First game: Jumpman (C64)

Favourite game: The Last of Us

Currently playing: GTA Online

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