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Business Services

I want to start or already run a business…

Corporate / Commercial

You run a business. And your business needs legal support for your commercial deals. And you need your legal support to understand your business and not just “paper the transaction”.


Our team has the necessary expertise both as external advisors and as in-house counsel to some of the largest companies in Canada to provide practical legal counsel for your commercial transactions. Whether you are incorporating a business, negotiating a distribution agreement or selling your business, Spark Law can provide you with the necessary support.

Business Transactions
You run a business. Us too. So we understand what it’s like for you and the things you need to think about in running and growing your business. You may be buying or selling a business or you may have a commercial deal that needs to get “papered”. Get us on your deal team! Our team has the necessary experience both as external advisors and as in-house counsel to some of the largest companies in Canada to provide practical legal counsel for your business transactions. So whether you are buying a business, working on a business succession plan, or reorganizing your business operations to be more tax efficient, or whatever let us help us achieve your business goals.
Commercial Real Estate
They say that it’s all about location, location, location.  And once you’ve found the location for your business, let us help guide you through the process of buying/leasing that location.  There are lots of nooks and crannies for legal issues to hide in doing a commercial real estate deal. 
Whether you are buying/selling your commercial real estate property or if you are a landlord or tenant negotiating the lease of some office/retail space, give us a call.  We’ll focus on the legal stuff leaving you free to spend time on the more important things like what type of office chairs and desks to order.

If you run a franchise network or are the owner of a franchise, you know that the franchisor–franchisee relationship has its own unique challenges. Whether it’s regulatory disclosure requirements, acquiring or selling a franchise or franchisor–franchisee dispute management, your legal needs differ from a more traditional business enterprise.


Having provided internal legal support to a large franchise network, we have the necessary expertise to guide you and address your legal needs for your network.


In an increasingly connected world, measures and processes designed for the protection of an individual’s personal information are no longer nice to haves but are mandatory. In addition to implementing the infrastructure to properly collect and protect personal information, companies must develop and follow a privacy policy outlining how they collect, use and disclose personal information. And with more and more people resorting to Court proceedings to address privacy breaches of various kinds, the stakes are getting higher.


Our full-service team can help has the necessary experience to help you develop your privacy policy and advise on the implementation of procedures to protect personal information. We can act for you in privacy-based actions in Court, and we can also assist you in the event that you run into issues with privacy compliance or any privacy breaches.