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Industry Sectors

For businesses that need more specialized expertise

When we say that our intellectual property lawyer, Dr. Bita Amani, wrote the book on trade marks, we aren’t kidding. Okay, maybe not the book, but she and colleague Dr. Carys Craig certainly wrote a book, and a darned good one at that (Trade-marks and Unfair Competition published by Thomson Reuters. Bita has written at least one other book that she admits to, as well as countless other publications in her areas of expertise).

Whatever your business might be, your intellectual property is among your most valuable assets. And it can be one of the most challenging to preserve and protect the value of that asset.  We can help you protect your intellectual property with an expanding practice that covers trade secrets and the law of confidential information, unjust enrichment, and fiduciary obligations, copyright and copyright litigation, misappropriation of personality, and the protection of trademarks and other distinctive indications of trade source for your business, whether you trade in goods or services or are expanding your business in gaming and virtual reality platforms.

We can advise you on how to protect yourself, and we can represent you in IP litigation. Whatever your needs, let us advise you on how to protect what you have and expand your business without running afoul of such similar claims by your competitors. If you are already there, we can help you defend your interest and work with you to to find solutions.

If you feel you don’t know what you don’t know, we are happy to offer consultations and advise you on how best to protect your industrial and intellectual property as you progress in your creative and business initiatives!

Video Games & E-Sports

Lots of lawyers and bankers are chasing videogame and esports companies and players. They see their kids playing Fortnite and guess (correctly) that the videogame business is big and growing. And they want to “get in on the action.”


We, on the other hand, are gamers who just happen to be lawyers. We play. We watch. We get it. And we want to help you build your videogame business, at least in part because we want more and better games to play. We want to help you build your player career, so that we have more and more interesting people to watch on Twitch. We want to help your team so that we have someone to cheer for at tournaments.

And we can help. We advise entrepreneurs and companies of all shapes and sizes and help them manage risk while growing their businesses. We would love to talk to you about how we can help you.

Entertainment & Talent

The entertainment industry is a tough one. Whether you’re a performer, a writer or director, a supplier, or a technology company working in the film or television production business, having good legal agreements in place helps avoid the sticky situations that can arise in the biz. You focus on the creative; we’ve got your back on the legal.

As with all of our clients, we focus on understanding your business and your project so that we can provide legal advice in the context of your reality. Good legal advice doesn’t mean expensive legal advice, whatever those other “entertainment lawyers” might tell you. Protect your project. Protect your property. Include Spark Law as a line item in your budget.

If you’re a writer, actor, artist, musician, or athlete, remember that your career is a business. Talk to us about representing your interests in contract negotiations and working to ensure that you are protected.

Technology, Media & Telecom

The world runs on technology. So does your business. That means software license agreements, business processing outsourcing transactions, hardware maintenance agreements and other technology transactions that require legal support.


Our lawyers have provided years of legal support to technology companies both large and small. And we love technology too. As self-professed tech nerds, we can talk your language and understand your business needs.