swear by your lawyers.

not at them.

Our Products

RealTime Spark™

RealTime Spark is a subscription-based legal service focused on providing small and medium sized businesses with an “on call” lawyer who is available to provide counsel and advice on day-to-day legal issues.

Legal Advice

At our essence, we are a law firm. We advise and represent clients of all types and sizes in all manner of transactions and dispute. We avoid the billable hour when we can, but if you’ve got a legal problem, we’ll help find the solution.


Make sure your team knows about the legal risks and requirements that they deal with day to day. Select from our menu of “lunch-and-learn” workshops on common workplace issues, and a Spark lawyer will come to your office. Think Ted Talks for everyday legal stuff.

Class Action Counsel

Class action litigation is complex and high stakes. We aren’t afraid to take a case to trial whether we represent the plaintiff or the defendant in a class action. In fact, we welcome the challenge. Once we get involved in a case, we are all in.

Spark to Go

Sometimes, you just need a quick document quickly. ASAP. PDQ. For simple solutions, we have a few common documents and other products that you can buy online. All of our products come with a 30 minute consultation.