swear by your lawyers.

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RealTime Spark™

What is RealTime Spark™?

Every business owner needs a trusted advisor: someone who gets to know you and your business, and who is available to you for legal matters both routine and extraordinary, for discussions of micro- and macro-strategy, and sometimes just to bounce ideas around.

This is a role that is often filled by in-house counsel. The problem, of course, is that in-house legal departments are out of reach for most businesses, and one quick call to external counsel can sometimes result in a surprisingly large bill.

RealTime Spark is a subscription-based legal service focused on providing businesses with an “on call” lawyer who is available to provide counsel and advise on day-to-day legal issues.

Put simply, we’re there for you. We work hard to understand your business, how it works, and what your goals are. We have advised businesses of all shapes and sizes in many different industries, and we bring that experience to bear for your benefit.

How does it work?

Once you sign up, just call us or email us any time to get real, practical, results-oriented legal advice whenever you need it in almost any business-related area

You don’t have to worry about unpredictable bills or getting overly complicated answers to your simple question just so the lawyers can bill lots of hours

When you first sign up, we will have an in-depth meeting with you to get an understanding of your needs, prioritize your legal projects, and determine which RealTime Level is best for you

RealTime Spark is an annual, renewable contract with a minimum initial “get-to-know-you” commitment of 6 months, after which you can cancel at any time

At the end of the first 6 months, we will sit down and review how things went and decide whether your current RealTime Level is working for you, or if it needs to be adjusted

RealTime Levels

All RealTime Levels include a variety of services in a number of substantive legal areas. Contracts, quick advice, negotiations, and litigation management, in areas such as corporate governance, human resources, business transactions, service agreements, leasing, bankruptcy, and many more.

Each Level Up increases your level of legal support to provide more in-depth company involvement (regular site visits, for instance), more personal involvement (participation in negotiations, for example), or simply more services (for example, management of litigation).

RealTime Levels are geared to help your business at whatever stage.

Start Your Engines

You probably should talk to a lawyer.

Just starting out? Have a great idea for a business? Gonna make some money with a couple of friends? You know you should probably talk to a lawyer, but those bills!  RealTime Spark: Start Your Engines gets you moving. Providing an affordable solution to the most pressing of your legal needs, this level of service lets you protect your business while enduring that legal is a predictable budget line.


You really shouldn’t ignore that legal stuff.

A few times a month, something comes up and you really would like to have someone with a legal background to bounce things off of. But legal bills are too unpredictable and your cashflow is a bit tight.

You’re at a point though, that you realise you can’t continue to ignore the legals. You need someone at the other end of the line who knows what’s what and can help you recognise and assess legal risk.

Sound familiar? RealTime Spark: Ignition could be for you.


You grow your business. We worry about legal.

Your business is growing, and that sometimes means growing pains, including bigger and thornier legal issues. RealTime Spark: Accelerating provides you with increased legal support to help you navigate the waters safely. We will help with your peace of mind by dealing with the legal mumbo jumbo so that you can focus on your growing business.

Full Burn

Feel like you need some support?

Your business is now running like gangbusters. Maybe you’re able to focus now on more strategic issues–or you would like to be able to if only you could find someone to take on some of the operational burden… like legal. Stop googling contract precedents. Bring us with you to your business negotiations. There’s a reason you didn’t go to law school. Run that business and let RealTime Spark: Full Burn take care of the legal stuff.

Having virtual in-house counsel is !