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Legal information for the masses

There is no shortage of seminars and professional development courses for people already in the legal profession. But what about everyone else? Why should practical legal information be virtually inaccessible without a lawyer?

It shouldn’t.

Our quick and easy workshop-style seminars are designed with your business in mind. We give you the information you need to recognize when you might have a legal issue before its too late. Because after all, the longer a legal issue is left unchecked, the bigger the headache it becomes.

We will work with you to find a format, time, and place that best suits your needs. Whether it’s a bird’s-eye view of a key area of law, or a more in-depth look at a particular subject, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the topics we offer:

Contracts: can’t live with them, can’t live without them. But every business, big or small, will need contracts at some point or another. But the only thing worse than having a poorly-drafted contract bite you in the ass months or years down the line is not having one at all and wishing you had. The good news is that contracts don’t have to be complicated. Let us give you a rundown on what makes a legally-binding contract and what to look out for before you sign the dotted line. 

In this tech-driven digital age, privacy is a major concern. Privacy breaches are a serious reputational risk, and not paying attention to privacy practices, procedures, and regulations can destroy the trust you have worked so hard to build with your customer base. Not to mention the fact that privacy breaches can expose you to civil liability or get you in trouble with The Man. If you are collecting customer or client information, you’re going to want to know what the privacy implications are. We can help guide you through the twists and turns of privacy law and how it applies to your business.

People are the most valuable asset of your company, but intellectual property comes a close second. Intangible property like patents, trademarks, copyright, and industrial design needs to be protected in order to ensure its value. Make sure you know what your IP is worth and how to protect it. We’ll cover the areas of IP that are relevant to your business. 

Everyone wants in on gaming and eSports, but not as many people know what it’s all about. We break down the stigma of gaming being “just for kids” and explain what it is, what legal issues arise, and why it’s a major growth industry. Whether you’re a developer interested in protecting your IP, a publisher interested in growing your business, or a player interested in securing your contractual rights, we can help. We are, after all, gamers who just happen to be lawyers.

Cannabis is all the buzz (ahem). But the regulations are new and seem to be ever-changing, with governments figuring out policy on the fly. Navigating the regulatory and business landscape in the canna-biz can sometimes seem like a really bad trip. We’ll take you through the new and evolving cannabis regulations so that you can start your business off on the right foot and keep it on the straight and narrow.

Has your business outgrown your garage? Tired of having business meetings at the local coffee shop? If you’re looking to hang out a shingle for your business, you need to rent some space. A commercial lease can be one of the most important asset for your business, and it can also be the most intimidating contract you lay eyes on. Or maybe you’re in a lease and need to know your rights. We’ll take you through the most important and surprising features of standard commercial leases, and give you some guidance to avoid some pitfalls.

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