Every business owner needs a trusted advisor: a lawyer who gets to know you and your business, and who is available to you for legal matters both routine and extraordinary, for discussions of micro- and macro-strategy, and sometimes just to bounce ideas around.

This is a role that is often filled by in-house counsel. The problem, of course, is that in-house legal departments are out of reach for most small and medium sized businesses, and one quick call to external counsel can sometimes result in a surprisingly large bill.

We are lawyers of experience who have been around the block a few times. That experience combined with our legal training means that we are an invaluable resource for you and your business.

enter RealTime Spark

like having an in-house legal department. but cheaper.

RealTime Spark is a subscription-based legal service focused on providing small and medium sized businesses with an “on call” lawyer who is available to provide counsel and advice on day-to-day legal issues.

Put simply, we’re there for you. We work hard to understand your business, how it works, and what your goals are. We have advised businesses of all shapes and sizes in many different industries, and we bring that experience to bear for your benefit.

all on a flat monthly rate

no more legal bill sticker shock!

And we’re priced to grow with you. As your business grows, your legal needs will become more complex. RealTime Spark has four levels of service which are designed to meet the needs of most small and medium businesses.

Of course, in-house counsel doesn’t do everything. If a project requires specialised legal advice, additional legal staffing, or is just a large project, we will help you engage and instruct external counsel.

Being from the big firms and big in-house departments ourselves, we have experience in controlling outside counsel and, more importantly, controlling their costs. And if you are drawn into litigation you can rest assured, we have your back.

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