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Spark LLP Adds Another Lawyer to Swear By

TORONTO, April 7, 2016 – The partners of Spark LLP are pleased to announce that Sanjay Kutty, an accomplished commercial lawyer, is joining the firm effective today.

Sanjay joins Spark LLP from Bell Canada, where he has spent the last nine years supporting Bell’s franchising and retail network and advising the company on large-enterprise commercial transactions. Prior to working with Bell’s commercial lawyers, Sanjay was counsel at CIBC, where he advised on technology-centred commercial transactions for the bank.

“I’m looking forward to joining Spark’s innovative team,” says Sanjay, “Working in-house for almost 15 years has given me a clear view of what clients want from their lawyers and—in some ways more importantly—what they don’t want. The market is tired of the billable hour in general, which is leading to a growing focus on value-based alternative fee arrangements. Spark LLP is leading the charge against the billable hour, and I am excited to be joining this effort.”

“Sanjay is a key addition to the Spark team,” says co-founder Jacqueline Horvat, “Our clients will now benefit from the unique insight, knowledge, expertise, and experience of a lawyer who has spent years as in-house counsel at two of the largest publicly-traded companies in Canada. He knows what it’s like to be a client, and we will be using that in-depth knowledge to ensure that our clients continue to swear by their lawyers rather than at them.”

Spark LLP has concentrated its efforts on providing small and medium sized businesses with the legal advice they need while providing the flexibility in billing arrangements allowing clients the cost certainty and predictability they cannot get from traditional law firms. Spark LLP’s partners have a great depth of experience and provide their clients with a big firm experience without the big firm legal bill sticker shock.


Spark LLP is a new and innovative law firm based in downtown Toronto. The partners of Spark LLP, Jacqueline Horvat, Jeff Rosekat, and Sanjay Kutty, conspired together to create a law firm focussed on value and innovation rather than on empty billable hours. Sensibly, all Spark LLP partners’ meetings are held at a pub near the office.

For further information: For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact: info@spark.law or (416) 639-2150.

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