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Spark LLP Hires Emma Gazzola

TORONTO, May 30, 2016 – The partners of Spark LLP are pleased to announce that Emma Gazzola, a bright young law student, is joining the firm as a Summer Student effective today.

Emma, who joins the firm after completing her first year reading law at the University of Edinburgh, will be the first ever employee of the new and innovative law firm. “We’re very excited to have Emma join us,” says Spark LLP co-founder and partner, Sanjay Kutty, “We’ve been very busy, and having Emma in the office helping us out enhances our capacity to take on new clients and ensure that our high standards of client service do not suffer for it.

Emma decided to read law in Scotland after graduating from Loretto Abbey CSS for a very simple reason, “I knew that I wanted to be a lawyer,” she explains, “And in the UK you can head straight to your law degree out of high school. I figured, why waste two or three years in some liberal arts programme somewhere when I already know where I’m heading?”

During her first year at the University of Edinburgh, Emma has been a member of the Mooting Society, was elected year representative for her class, and has volunteered her time at a local community organization.

“Emma is exactly the kind of person that Spark LLP is looking to recruit,” says co-founder and partner Jacqueline Horvat, “She is exceptionally bright, articulate, enthusiastic and—most importantly, perhaps—she has no preconceptions about how a law firm operates. The partners at Spark LLP are constantly trying to improve the quality of our client service. Having the perspective of someone who is both a ‘digital native’ and who will soon be part of the next generation of lawyers will be invaluable as we work as a team to provide value to our clients. Plus, apparently Emma understands this Instagram thing.”


Spark LLP is a new and innovative law firm based in downtown Toronto. The partners of Spark LLP, Jacqueline Horvat, Jeff Rosekat, and Sanjay Kutty, joined forces in March 2016 to fight the evil inertia of legal practice in Canada. Spark LLP aims to deliver exceptional legal advice and extraordinary client service without the sticker shock of traditional legal accounts.

For further information: For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact: info@spark.law or (416) 639-2150.

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