swear by your lawyers.

not at them.

The Spark of Spark

The spark of Spark was a growing and general dissatisfaction with the way that most law firms operate. We asked ourselves why, in this age of on-demand bespoke services, most law firms are stuck on the billable hour. Most companies are focussed on efficiency and innovation; why are law firms not doing the same?

We understand the frustration that comes from getting an unexpected, crushing, legal bill based on a bunch of hours without having any basis for judging whether the amount of the bill matches the value received.

We founded Spark Law because we were tired of doing things the way they had always been done. At our core, we are experienced lawyers who provide high quality and practical legal advice that you can trust. We provide this advice while ensuring a positive and progressive experience for our clients.

Most importantly, we work to ensure that our clients understand the value that they are getting for the fees we charge. We strive to provide our advice in a cost effective way and wherever possible we provide our clients with cost certainty. We do our best to avoid the billable hour and we do not resort to those “hidden” profit centres like charging per-page for photocopying and scanning.

In short, while we enjoy a good lawyer joke as much as the next person, we work hard to disprove those jokes rather than inspire them.

Co-founders Sanjay Kutty, Jacqueline Horvat, and Jeff Rosekat (left to right)